Policies and Fees

Travel charges.

A charge for travel time is assessed when travelling to and from locations outside of Vernon, British Columbia.  Travel time is assessed at $25 per hour, or at a flat rate of $300 per trip for a half-day of travel.

In addition to time charges, a distance charge of $0.60 per kilometre to and from the client or presentation site for travel by vehicle will be assessed.  In the event air travel is required: accommodations, airfare and associated vehicle rental, fuel, and ground transportation shall be arranged by the client.


Reimbursement is required for actual expenses incurred (e.g., meals, lodging, airfare, taxis, parking, and others) both in traveling and during the consultation. Receipts for actual expenses shall be provided to the client.  For overnight travel, a meals per-diem of $84 will be charged back to the customer.

All policies and fees are subject to change without notice.